GOALS For My Senior Year of College

Yep, senior year is already here. First week of classes down. Not sure how that happened. No matter what it is in life you are doing or what stage you are at you hear time after time, “It goes fast, make the most of it!” Or something like that in some form or another…and every time I don’t listen. Here I am my senior year of college, in one of my favorite cities in the world and I have no clue what is coming next or what I am doing…still. I am really excited for the future, I am, and I am doing everything I can to be prepared for what comes next, whatever that may be. So to ensure I am the absolute best version of myself (which I always TRY to be) here are some goals I have made for myself for this year, my SENIOR YEAR:

  • do more of what makes me HAPPY

  • get rid of everything that doesn’t! ^

  • explore so much more of Chicago

  • eat really good food

  • take more workout classes…endorphins make you happy!

  • SAVE as much as possible GET THEM FUNDS GIRL

  • apply to lots and lots of potential jobs so I have OPTIONS

  • be confident in myself

  • travel as much as I can!! (it doesn’t have to be far or expensive)

  • find a side hustle I am passionate about

  • CHERISH these moments I have with my college friends

  • take so many pictures!! >> I’m already pretty good at this one lol

  • take advantage of this time you have to LEARN! we love expanding our minds!

Looking so forward to what this year will bring!!

xoxo, Anna

You are far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way.

My Sephora Perk Hydrating Facial Experience

WOW. We’ll just start with that. I have heard a lot lately about this facial service that Sephora offers across social media and decided I should go give it a shot. You can spend as much money on makeup as you want to hide your bad skin but if you invest in your skin you may not need to buy as much makeup! I’ve been really into skincare lately and especially heading into the warmer summer months I don’t always want to be wearing a full face of makeup so load me up on skincare!

I wasn’t sure what to expect since this isn’t your typical spa but rather in the middle of Sephora while other customers are shopping all around you. Normal facials can get super pricey so I was looking for something that wasn’t completely going to break the bank. This service at Sephora is FREE with any $75 purchase at the store. So all I did was get the facial done and then purchase a few of the products they recommended and used on me!

I was so pleasantly surprised. I’ll spare you from the picture I took of what was actually in my pores. They have a little jar that collects it all. Let’s just say this…how was that in my skin? how have I been living with that in my face? EW! No thanks!

He finished off my newly fresh face by applying a tinted moisturizer to combat the redness and my skin is GLOWING. I’m obsessed and will definitely be going back.

xoxo, Anna

PRODUCTS used during my facial:

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I'm Back!! Welcome to Absolutely Anna 2.0

I'm Back!!.jpg

If you’d been following along with my blog for a while now, you may have noticed I’ve been MIA for quite some time now!! AND this is one of the major reasons/where I’ve been! I’ve been wanting to update my platform for a while now…my current blog just didn’t have the same sparkle & shine it once did. I wanted a fresh clean slate & boy oh boy did I get it. I’m obsessed with my new website & I hope you will be too!!

xoxo, Anna

p.s. you can still head over to my old site at https://absolutelyannasite.wordpress.com/ for all of my old content!!